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AgBiz Basics-eLearning Course

The AgBiz program is designed for Young, Beginning, Small (YBS), and/or Veteran farmers and farm families with self-initiative and a passion for learning to enhance their business, family, and personal lives.  The main course goal is to help participants in launching, growing, managing, and transitioning their current or future agricultural operations. AgBiz Basics is an approved course to fulfill the educational requirement of the Capital Farm Credit AgVista loan program. 

Interested in applying? Contact your local Capital Farm Credit relationship manager or fill out the application below. 


How much will the program cost?

Capital Farm Credit will cover program tuition for approved participants.

How do I register for the course?

Contact your local Capital Farm Credit relationship manager.  Once application is approved, participants pay a $50 fee to initiate registration. Once AgBiz Basics course is completed, Capital Farm Credit will reimburse participants $50. Your Capital Farm Credit relationship manager will serve as a great resource throughout this program.  

How is the class structured?

The AgBiz Basics class is set up in a series of four online modules, each taking one to two hours to complete.  The four online modules consist of:  Financial Documentation, Planning & Goal Setting, Cash Flow Planning, Business and Personal Balance Sheets, Did you make a Profit?  The modules will involve lecture/PowerPoint slides, reading and problem/case scenario studies.  Periodic quizzes and module exams will allow you to personally assess your comprehension and understanding of materials presented.  Application exercises will allow you to link module concepts and ideas to challenges and opportunities in your own agricultural business.


How much time will I have to invest in this program?

This is an online e-learning program designed to allow flexibility for users.  Each participant will work at their own pace and be given two weeks to complete each online module.


When does the class start?

The course is online and may be started at the discretion of the participant.  However, if participant is applying for a Capital Farm Credit AgVista loan, participant must have started AgBiz to be eligible for approval.

Do I have to have a computer to take the course?

Yes, a computer and internet access are necessary to participate in this opportunity.  The entire class is presented in an online format. We recommend high speed internet access because much of the course involves videos.


What will the course do for me and my operation?

This educational experience is self-paced and multifaceted, designed to help you capitalize on navigating both challenges and opportunities for a more successful and fulfilling business, family, and personal life.  We encourage each participant to engage others that are actively involved in the management of the operation.  This person could be a spouse or business partner.


More Questions:  Contact Capital Farm Credit YBS Lending Director

     Allyson Tjoelker, [email protected]





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AgBiz Basics


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