AgVista Loan Program

AgVista is a loan program within CFC’s Young, Beginning, and Small (YBS) Farmers/Ranchers programs and specifically offers loans to new producers with a need for mentorship, experience, and knowledge to successfully operate a profitable agricultural enterprise. AgVista also serves historically underserved agricultural producers such as women, minorities, and veterans. This segment of customers may benefit from such lending opportunities as they build and grow their agricultural business.


Who Is Eligible?

An AgVista farmer or rancher is generally defined as any person that has managed their own agricultural operation for ten years or less and is building a new agricultural operation. The program is intended for borrowers who are considered true farmers and ranchers. Customers that are categorized as “essentially other than farmers,” are not eligible for this type of loan. The borrower must participate in a business planning educational session as approved by CFC. The borrower must also be of good character and the repayment analysis must show a positive cash flow.


What Can an AgVista Customer Borrow?


The program is intended for true farmers, ranchers, or agribusiness owners. Exceptions are acceptable for less than full-time operators who intend to transition to full-time operators as their business grows. Through AgVista, borrowers may establish credit for the following:

  • Agricultural and Land
  • Real Estate Improvement tied to agricultural use
  • Operating, Equipment and Real Estate
  • Equipment
  • Agribusiness


Take the Next Step

For more information, contact your local Capital Farm Credit branch or fill out the contact form to learn more.