Board of Directors

  • Capital_Farm_Credit_KellyGaskins2
    High Plains- Region 1
    Kelly Gaskins
    Full Bio
  • Capital_Farm_Credit_TerryMcAlister2
    Rolling Plains- Region 2
    Terry McAlister
    Full Bio
  • Capital_Farm_Credit_LanceMorris2
    South Plains- Region 3
    Lance D. Morris
    Full Bio
  • Capital_Farm_Credit_LowellWoodward2
    West Texas- Region 4
    Lowell Woodward
    Full Bio
  • BoardHeadshots_Parker
    Hill County- Region 5
    Danny Parker
    Full Bio
  • Capital_Farm_Credit_PaulAelvoet2
    Winter Garden- Region 6
    Paul Aelvoet
    Full Bio
  • BoardHeadshots_Palousek
    South Texas- Region 7
    Gary L. Palousek
    Full Bio
  • BoardHeadshots_Eilers
    Central Texas- Region 8
    Josh Eilers
    Full Bio
  • BoardHeadShots_Sklar
    Coastal Bend- Region 9
    Shane Sklar
    Full Bio
  • Capital_Farm_Credit_JohnMalazzo2
    East Texas- Region 10, Chairman
    John Malazzo
    Full Bio
  • Capital_Farm_Credit_RonnieRiddle2
    At-Large Position- Position 1
    Ronnie Riddle
    Full Bio
  • Capital_Farm_Credit_DaleCrenwelge2
    At Large Positon- Position 2
    Dale A. Crenwelge
    Full Bio
  • Capital_Farm_Credit_JoeDavidYates_22
    At Large Position- Position 3
    Joe David Yates
    Full Bio
  • Capital_Farm_Credit_DaleHoelscher2
    At large Position- Position 4
    Dale Hoelscher
    Full Bio
  • Capital_Farm_Credit_KentonKimball2
    At Large Position- Position 5, Vice Chairman
    Kenton B. Kimball
    Full Bio
  • Capital_Farm_Credit_KennyBrown2
    At Large Position- Position 6
    Kenny Brown
    Full Bio
  • Jerred Hurst
    Board Appointed Non-Stockholder Director
    Jerred Hurst
    Full Bio
  • Steve Stevens
    Board Appointed Non-Stockholder Director
    Steve Stevens
    Full Bio
  • Capital_Farm_Credit_SharleenWalkoviak2
    Board Appointed Non-Stockholder Director
    Sharleen Walkoviak
    Full Bio

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