NextGen Loan Program

Young, beginning, and small producers are vital to the future of agriculture, yet increasing barriers to entry make it more difficult to maintain generational transfer of agribusinesses. Supporting generational transfer of farmers and ranchers is critical to the future of agriculture and the mission of Capital Farm Credit (CFC).  Knowing this, the Capital Farm Credit NextGen loan program is designed to offer flexibility in loan products and interest rates to serve beginning borrowers intending to grow into a commercially viable operation.


Who Is Eligible?

A next generation farmer or rancher is generally defined as any person that has managed their own agricultural operation for roughly 10 years or less and is in the process of building a true agricultural operation. Eligible applicants typically may be inheriting or building from an existing agricultural enterprise. NextGen applicants should have access to mentorship or institutional knowledge that will help guide their success. The borrower should be of good character and the repayment analysis must show a positive cash flow.


What Can a NextGen Customer Borrow?


This program is intended for true farmers, ranchers, or agribusiness owners. Exceptions can be made for less than full time operators who intend to transition to full time operators as their business grows. 


Through the NextGen loan program, borrowers may establish credit for:

  • Agricultural and Land
  • Real Estate Improvement tied to agricultural use
  • Operating, Equipment and Real Estate
  • Equipment
  • Agribusiness


Ready to Get Started?

For more information, contact your lender or local Capital Farm Credit branch.