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Discover your abilities. Empower your operation.

Define your legacy. 


The wait is over! 

Capital Farm Credit's 2024 AgriRoots Conference is scheduled.


The AgriRoots San Antonio Tour 2024

August 28-29, 2024

The Grand Hyatt San Antonio River Walk
600 E. Market Street

San Antonio, Texas

Get ready to immerse yourself in global perspectives and listen to experienced voices from different spaces within the agriculture industry. During the conference you will enhance your business and marketing skills and establish a blueprint for your future success in agriculture.

Don't miss this opportunity to discover your abilities, empower your operation, and define your legacy. 

AgriRoots Conf Agenda San Antonio


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Featured Speakers


Dr. David Kohl -  Dr. Dave Kohl is an academic Hall of Famer in the College of Agriculture at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA.  Dr. Kohl has keen insight into the agriculture industry gained through extensive travel, research, and involvement in ag businesses.  He has traveled over 10 million miles; conducted more than 7,000 presentations; and published more than 2,500 articles in his career.  Dr. Kohl’s wisdom and engagement with all levels of the industry provide a unique perspective into future trends. 

Julie Borlaug - Julie Borlaug is a dynamic and visionary leader in the field of agricultural innovation and sustainability, with a profound legacy rooted in her grandfather, Dr. Norman E. Borlaug's pioneering work in the Green Revolution. As an advocate for disruptive technologies and innovative approaches to global food security, Julie has carved out a significant niche in the agricultural sector, blending traditional practices with cutting-edge advancements to tackle the challenges of the 21st century.  

Adrienne DeSutter -  Adrienne DeSutter is part of her husband's fourth generation farm family in Midwest Illinois. They farm corn and soybeans, with a small herd of cattle and a small herd of children. With a master’s degree in counseling (and a self-proclaimed Master of Farm Family Chaos), Adrienne recognized a need for mental health advocacy in agriculture and began partnering with ag businesses and organizations to promote healthy minds and prevent farmer suicide. In addition to public speaking, she helps create and connect valuable ag mental health resources, writes wellness articles, and has been featured in articles, podcasts, and projects across the globe through her "Sow Hope Grow Hope" initiative.


What is the AgriRoots Conference?

The Capital Farm Credit AgriRoots Conference was designed to provide producers with resources for optimal success in agribusiness operations. This carefully crafted conference gives producers opportunities to learn from affiliates in agricultural education and finance to expand foundations in agribusiness development. 

All types of agricultural production are welcome, including both full and part-time ag operators.

Designed for . . .

  • Any size farming operation
  • Both full-time and part-time farmers
  • Couples are invited to attend together
  • Open to Farm Credit customers and non-customers alike

Why attend?

  • Interaction with renowned experts in ag business, marketing, legal and policy topics with perspectives into future trends of the agricultural industry.
  • Networking opportunities with other producers 
  • It's free! The conference are compliments of Capital Farm Credit!

Highlights from the 2023 Lubbock Tour

“Our first conference was a big success. We established an agenda with experienced and reputable specialists and professionals across the agriculture industry, accomplishing a truly successful event with new innovative plans for next year.” 

- Jeff Norte, CEO   

AgriRoots Recap Collage