Annual Forage Insurance

Annual Forage Insurance protects annually planted acres used as livestock feed or fodder, with an intended use of grazing or hay, from a lack of rainfall.

  • Producers insure annual forage production value by dividing their liability into two-month index intervals targeting when precipitation is crucial to the growing season.
  • The program uses rainfall index data provided by NOAA to correlate precipitation to the insured acreage.
  • Indemnities are paid when rainfall during a specific two-month period in a specific area (grid) falls below a selected percentage of historic average rainfall. Payments are based on final conditions in the entire grid, not on a specific property within that grid.

We have a personalized map that is emailed or mailed to all customers after each interval and a mobile app to view the current rainfall in your grid from your phone anytime. 

Deadline: July 15th


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