Record breaking $127.6 million returned to Capital Farm Credit members

Texas’ largest agricultural lender continued to post strong financial results in 2022. Capital Farm Credit will return $127.6 million in cash patronage to its borrowers, with another $142.4 million in allocated equities declared for future disbursement.

“The fundamentals of a cooperative are what make us different,” said Sally Lawson, chief financial officer. “We take great pride in our cooperative returns program, built to serve and benefit our borrowers.”

“We return almost all of our earnings back to our membership and believe our cooperative returns program is one of the strongest in the country.”

Since 2006, Capital Farm Credit has returned more than $2.4 billion in combined cash and allocated equites to its members, upholding the same mission since its establishment more than a century ago.

“We’re proud to support rural Texas by providing agricultural producers with the capital they need to make their operations successful,” said Jeff Norte, chief executive officer. “We promote a culture that results in knowledgeable, connected employees, who are essential to meeting our customers’ diverse needs across Texas.”

With a long tradition of strong earnings accruing to the benefit of its members, the Association’s cooperative returns program effectively lowers the cost of doing business for farmers, ranchers, and recreational property owners.

“As a borrower-owned cooperative, our members are also our owners. When Capital Farm Credit is successful, our members are successful,” said Norte. “We’re in this together with our members, and together we’re better.”