Capital Farm Credit invests in Borlaug Youth Ag Program

Capital Farm Credit recently partnered with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and Texas 4-H to support the Norman Borlaug Youth in Agriculture Program, a new urban and rural youth development program designed to expose Texas youth to agriculture and encourage collaborative partnerships between rural and urban audiences.

Aligning with the Association’s mission to support and sustain the future of agriculture and rural communities, the program was established to advance a community of youth leaders to resolve the challenges facing global food and fiber production.

“The impact of advancing the next generation in agriculture is a crucial task that we find invaluable,” says Jeff Norte, chief executive officer, Capital Farm Credit. “People in agriculture have an important story to tell that impacts the world on a global level.”

Texas high school students accepted into the program will be supported through an extensive educational program to positively impact the trajectory of agriculture.

“When searching for potential partners for the Norman Borlaug Youth in Agriculture Program, we needed those whose values aligned with Texas 4-H Youth Livestock and Agriculture,” says Billy Zanolini, youth livestock and agriculture assistant professor and extension specialist, Texas A&M AgriLIfe Extension Service. “I can think of no better partner to sponsor the ‘Planting Season’ portion of our program than Capital Farm Credit. The great folks at Capital Farm Credit have been planting the seeds of a better agricultural future for more than 100 years.”

“We are humbled by Capital Farm Credit’s commitment to the next generation of leaders in Texas,” added Zanolini.

Serve, Inspire and Change

With Texas home to 7 of the 15 fastest growing cities in the country, students selected to the program will confront issues from food insecurity to environmental and policy challenges. The program takes students through three sessions from November 2022 to May 2023. Professors from Texas A&M University will guide students through complex strategies to find solutions to global agricultural issues, while pairing them with lifelong skills and professional habits. The program’s three phases give youth the opportunity to collaborate throughout their senior year on some of agriculture’s most multifaced issues.

Sessions include:

Planting Season - November 2022

Growing Season – March 2023

Harvest Season – May 2023

Dr. Norman Borlaug, 1970 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and American agronomist, was credited for saving more than 1 billion lives for his initiatives across the globe to increase agricultural production despite environmental and economic hardship. This program reflects Borlaug’s mission to enhance leadership and find solutions for advancements in agriculture for the benefit of multi-generations.

“The Norman Borlaug Youth in Agriculture Program is an opportunity for young leaders in rural and urban atmospheres to collaborate,” says Norte. “This program goes beyond traditional rural ag programs to also incorporate students from urban areas. Perspectives from both rural and urban young leaders allow us to better solve ag industry issues.”

“Capital Farm Credit is honored to support this endeavor and excited to see what these students will accomplish,” added Norte.