Capital Farm Credit awards more than $20K in community outreach grants to Texas 4-H and FFA programs

As part of a continuing statewide effort to strengthen rural communities across the state, Capital Farm Credit granted funding for community outreach projects to Texas 4-H and FFA programs.

A total of $20,000 was awarded by the Association to 23 different community outreach projects. Each 4-H club or FFA chapter created a unique project that visibly improves their community:

  • Bay City FFA
  • Centerville 4-H
  • Channing 4-H
  • Clifton 4-H
  • Dallam/Hartley Counties 4-H
  • Discover 4-H
  • Doak Springs 4-H
  • Harris County 4-H
  • Howard County 4-H
  • Infinity 4-H
  • James Madison FFA
  • Karnes County 4-H
  • Leon County 4-H Council
  • Lone Wolf 4-H
  • Mansfield FFA
  • Medina Valley FFA
  • Menard Junior Master Gardeners
  • New Boston FFA
  • Newton FFA
  • Paradise FFA
  • Porter FFA
  • Rice FFA
  • Stampede Creek 4-H

"At Capital Farm Credit, we believe in empowering young people to create positive change," said Ben R. Novosad, chief executive officer, Capital Farm Credit. "We encourage and support 4-H and FFA chapters across Texas, who strive to better serve their local communities."

"It is an honor to help make these projects possible," he added.