The right tools to milk it | Baker’s Acres Dairy Farm, Rogers, TX


When people think of dairy’s, they rarely think of goats. And yet Andy and Brittani Baker are changing the stereotype with their goat herd and the help of Capital Farm Credit’s AgVista loan program. Raising and milking a micro goat operation is only the beginning for this family in Rogers, Texas, and team CFC is here to continue to make it possible.

A beyond, brilliant idea

Neither Andy or Brittani grew up in the dairy industry but take opportunities to educate themselves on what it takes to build and sustain a successful operation. The couple was awarded the Texas Young Farmer Grant to initially start their dairy facility.

Andy is a veteran and currently works full-time as a mechanic. His goal is to grow the Baker business into a full-time job. Baker’s Acres Dairy Farm is home to dairy cows and 30 goats with goals to expand.

Together, we’re better.

“They were a joy to work with from the beginning,” said Lyndi Sanders, Capital Farm Credit relationship manager. “We knew the AgVista loan program would provide the right framework to support the Bakers as they build and grow their operation. This is why we are here. To sustain young and beginning producers in the ag industry. It all matters.”

The Bakers have been milking goats for more than eight years and are currently working to finish and license their dairy facility.

Want to learn more about Baker’s Acres Dairy Farm? Visit them here.

AgVista Loan Program

Recognizing a need to support people building their first ag operation from the ground up, Capital Farm Credit leadership put the concept of the AgVista loan program in motion. AgVista is a loan program within CFC’s Young, Beginning, and Small (YBS) Farmers/Ranchers programs that specifically offers loans to new producers with a need for mentorship, experience, and knowledge to successfully operate a profitable agricultural enterprise.  

“As a first-generation producer, your conditions are different. Your needs are different. We understand that and are here to make your dreams become a reality, too,” says Sanders.

For more information on Capital Farm Credit’s AgVista loan program or other young, beginning, or small (YBS) program, visit our program page here.