Ag Student of the Week Winners 2023-2024

Rio Grande City High School senior named South Texas Ag Student of the Week -Week 4


Current Ag Involvement: 

I have actively immersed myself in various agricultural programs, showcasing my dedication to the field. My involvement in 4-H at the club, county and district level, Rio Grande City FFA, Norman Borlaug Youth in Agriculture Program, and my volunteer work with the Livestock Validation Committee underscores my commitment to agricultural practices, education, and community service. 

In 4-H and FFA, I have honed my leadership skills, developed a deep appreciation for livestock management, and participated in community-building initiatives. The Norman Borlaug Youth in Agriculture Program has provided me with valuable insights into the global challenges and innovations in agriculture, inspiring a broader perspective on sustainable practices. My main focus is water insecurities solutions for both rural and urban agriculture settings in Texas. 

My volunteer role with the Livestock Validation Committee has allowed me to contribute directly to the quality assurance and validation processes within the livestock industry. This experience has not only broadened my understanding of industry standards but has also reinforced the importance of attention to detail and precision in agricultural practices. 

In addition to my hands-on involvement, my academic coursework has been carefully selected to deepen my understanding of agricultural sciences. Courses such as Intro to Agriculture, Small Animal Management, Equine Science, Veterinary Medical Applications, and Advanced Animal Science have provided me with a strong foundation in animal husbandry and veterinary practices. My endorsement area is the Business and Industry path in agriculture. 

To complement my practical knowledge, I have pursued a rigorous science curriculum, including Pre-AP Biology, Chemistry, Pre-AP Physics, and AP Environmental Science. These courses have equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of the biological and chemical principles that underpin agricultural systems and environmental sustainability. 

My academic and extracurricular pursuits collectively reflect my passion for agriculture and my commitment to gaining a well-rounded education in this field. I am excited about 

the prospect of applying these skills and experiences to future endeavors in the agricultural sector. 

College to Attend: 

In the upcoming chapter of my educational journey, I am thrilled to announce my decision to attend Tarleton State University in Stephenville, TX. My chosen path involves pursuing a degree in Wildlife, Sustainability, and Ecology with a specialized emphasis on Fisheries Sciences. Tarleton State University stands out as the ideal institution to cultivate my passion for environmental conservation and deepen my understanding of ecosystems. The emphasis on sustainability aligns perfectly with my commitment to preserving our planet's delicate balance, and the unique focus on Fisheries Sciences will provide me with specialized knowledge in managing aquatic environments and sustaining fish populations. 

I am eager to immerse myself in the vibrant academic community of Tarleton State University, where I anticipate engaging in rigorous coursework, hands-on experiences, and collaborative research opportunities. This educational endeavor represents more than just a degree; it symbolizes a commitment to making a positive impact on our environment through knowledge and action. 

As I anticipate the challenges and triumphs that come with higher education, I am confident that Tarleton State University will provide the supportive environment and resources needed to shape me into a well-rounded advocate for wildlife sustainability and ecology, with a keen emphasis on fisheries sciences. 

Career Goal: 

My passion for environmental conservation has been a driving force throughout my academic journey, leading me to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Wildlife Sustainability and Ecosystem Sciences. Beyond this, I am dedicated to furthering my education with a Master's degree in Marine Biology. My overarching goal is to contribute significantly to the preservation of our planet's ecosystems and marine life through focused research and conservation efforts. 

Choosing Wildlife Sustainability and Ecosystem Sciences as my major is a deliberate step toward gaining a holistic understanding of wildlife and their habitats.