Capital Farm Credit Annual Stockholders Meeting


To the Owners of Stock in Capital Farm Credit, ACA:


The Annual Stockholders Meeting of Capital Farm Credit, ACA (CFC) will be held at 1:00 PM on May 2, 2023. The meeting will take place at the Stella Hotel in Bryan, located at 4100 Lake Atlas Drive, or you may participate online. 

At the meeting, CFC stockholders will:

  • Review 2022 corporate and financial operations;
  • Report of the 2023 Nominating Committee nominations for five board of director positions;
  • Receive nominations from the floor, if any, and consider approval of a final slate of candidates;
  • Present the 2024 Nominating Committee slate for stockholder consideration;
  • Appoint an independent party to tabulate voting results; and
  • Conduct other business, if any.

Please visit HERE for complete Annual Meeting Information Statement.


Online Meeting


Registration is required to attend the meeting virtually. To register please visit: