Farmer Dreams


Dreams are more than movie scenes depicted behind closed eyes. They are goals. They are ambitions. They’re the inception of wild ideas. And within the agriculture industry, they are missions that impact global food and fiber production. Manuel Macias is a farmer and a dreamer, and with the support of Capital Farm Credit, his dream became a reality.

“If a person doesn’t have a dream, he will go nowhere. You have to start somewhere,” says Manuel Macias. “My dream was to become a farmer like my grandfather and my dad. Farming means a lot to me, it’s where everything starts. It’s me. It’s who I am. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.”

With the help of Capital Farm Credit, Macias now farms three-thousand acres in Terry County, Texas, and hopes to continue building his family legacy.

“It was hard back then. I wanted so badly to buy some land, but no bank would help me until I went to Capital Farm Credit.”

At Capital Farm Credit, our dreams are your dreams. The importance of sustaining agriculture production in Texas goes beyond what we do in our daily operations. We are here to serve farmers and ranchers from diverse backgrounds with the common goal of supporting the future of agriculture.

“As soon as I walked in the door, I felt the friendliness they have,” says Macias. “It was like ‘Come in and sit down and let’s talk,’ not ‘somebody will be with you.' Capital Farm Credit was different. They made it easy to borrow money, even though I didn’t have a lot of capital to back my loan.”

Our Association operates as a family. It is one of our core values and how we treat each other and our customers. We are in this together.

“My son, he’s fifteen years old,” says Macias. “He repeatedly says he wants to be like me. He says, ‘Look at you Dad. You just went to third grade, and you have what you have. You achieved it.’”

“What happened was that I had a dream. And a dream is a way to achieve whatever you want to do.”

When you borrow money with Capital Farm Credit, you enter a partnership. As a cooperative, our borrowers are also owners and share in our profits. A portion of those profits are returned to our borrowers through our cooperative returns program.

“Everything I do is related to a cooperative, because when I do business with a cooperative institution, it’s like investing in it,” says Macias. “It’s an investment, and I know I get some money back.”

“All of the land that I own was financed by Capital Farm Credit, and I hope I can find some more land to buy for my family to take over one of these days.”

Making visions a reality, is what we do every day. Agriculture is the backbone of our economy, and it is our priority to ensure Texas farmers and ranchers have the capital they need to build a successful operation and reap the benefits of agricultural production. We are a team. 

“It’s a partnership. I see the value of it. It’s good to do business with a company that looks out and gives you back whatever you put in,” says Macias. “Capital Farm Credit, together we’re better.  There’s no question about it.”