Word(s) on the Street - Artificial Intelligence

What’s all the buzz?

 Artificial intelligence is becoming more common every day and for good reason. Generative artificial intelligence (AI) services can enable organizations to increase internal efficiencies by streamlining and automating processes. Although organizations across the country are finding ways to benefit from this technology, unfortunately, cybercriminals can also leverage the same AI tools to automate their scams, making them nearly impossible for the average person to detect.

 With technology and AI, fraud evolves and so does the increase in the diversity of these attacks.

 What you need to know.

 Cybercriminals can use generative AI for their schemes in several ways including:

  • Creating phishing emails that look more legitimate than in recent years, increasing the likelihood of users inputting and sharing confidential information.
  • Building a relationship with their target audience by using specific information about them to engage in conversation.
  • Generating new malware that is harder to detect for traditional systems.
  • Using voices and images of people the user knows to respond to inquires

 What CFC is doing to protect our customers.

 At Capital Farm Credit, we take protecting your personal information seriously. Our team utilizes best practices across our association to safeguard against these attempts. Our team has implemented security across our systems with advanced AI phishing protection, imposter protection, as well as internal email protection. We have implemented strong payment protection processes and trained our staff in fraud prevention.

We are your team.

If you have any questions, our team is ready to meet your needs. We appreciate your business. Together, we’re better.