October 31, 2019

Capital Farm Credit awards more than $20K in community outreach grants to 4-H and FFA programs

As part of a continuing statewide effort to strengthen rural communities across the state, Capital Farm Credit granted funding for community outreach projects to Texas 4-H and FFA programs.

A total of $20,000 was awarded by the Association to 23 different community outreach projects. Each 4-H club or FFA chapter created a unique project that visibly improves their community:

  • Bay City FFA
  • Centerville 4-H
  • Channing 4-H
  • Clifton 4-H
  • Dallam/Hartley Counties 4-H
  • Discover 4-H
  • Doak Springs 4-H
  • Harris County 4-H
  • Howard County 4-H
  • Infinity 4-H
  • James Madison FFA
  • Karnes County 4-H
  • Leon County 4-H Council
  • Lone Wolf 4-H
  • Mansfield FFA
  • Medina Valley FFA
  • Menard Junior Master Gardeners
  • New Boston FFA
  • Newton FFA
  • Paradise FFA
  • Porter FFA
  • Rice FFA
  • Stampede Creek 4-H

"At Capital Farm Credit, we believe in empowering young people to create positive change," said Ben R. Novosad, chief executive officer, Capital Farm Credit. "We encourage and support 4-H and FFA chapters across Texas, who strive to better serve their local communities."

"It is an honor to help make these projects possible," he added.

For more information on Capital Farm Credit Community Support programs, visit https://www.capitalfarmcredit.com/resources/commun....